14 Av Edouard Vaillant 93500 Pantin

If you want great kit to make beer, look East. We got our state of the art 20HL brewery from Ziptech in Hungary and in June 2018 we installed it in the heart of the Cité Fertile, a decommissioned and repurposed train station that hosts events all year round with a focus on recycling, upcycling (yep, that’s a thing) and encouraging local commerce for a better, more sustainable future. We have doubled in volume every year and have since doubled the size of the brewery. We can now produce up to 10,000HL.

Visit of the Paname Brewing Company in Pantin:

  • On reservation
  • Maximum group of 15 people
  • The themes will be: the ingredients, the different styles of beers and fermentations, the manufacturing method, the tasting techniques.
L'atelier Paname Brewing Company